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695 Kiskatom Lane

Mandeville-LA | $1150000

72515 Military Road

Covington-LA | $749000



Teaming up with Blake and the McEnery Family immerses you in the dynamic world of real estate, where expertise is honed daily. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or seasoned in the market, Blake is adept at guiding you towards achieving your real estate goals. Our top priority is ensuring your thorough comprehension of every aspect of the real estate acquisition process.


Blake is prepared to support you throughout the entire transaction, extending his assistance beyond the closing phase. At Latiolais Real Estate, we are committed to ensuring your complete comprehension of each step in the home-buying process, which includes:

  • Grasping the details of purchase documents
  • Refining your criteria and preferences
  • Conducting a search for your ideal home
  • Negotiating for the best possible price
  • Providing guidance through property inspections, the appraisal process, and the closing procedures


Purchasing a home involves a lengthy process with various deadlines and legal intricacies that you wouldn’t want to miss. Having Blake and the McEnery Family by your side ensures you navigate this journey seamlessly, leveraging our well-honed negotiating skills and market expertise to find your perfect home. In a competitive market, we provide the support to keep you grounded, act as your advocate throughout the process, and secure the ideal deal tailored to your needs.


Join Blake and embark on a journey of financial growth and stability by diversifying your investment portfolio with various real estate opportunities. Whether it’s residential properties, commercial spaces, or lucrative ventures, our expert guidance ensures you navigate the diverse landscape of real estate investments. Discover the potential for long-term returns and strategic wealth-building as you explore the myriad possibilities within the ever-evolving real estate market.